Thursday, November 10, 2011


I just got our approval today from the Ontario Ministry!

We're so so SO excited! Can't believe they took the full 10 weeks, minus 1 day, to get it all sorted. But that's okay. I'm feeling very at peace with this adoption. I know the Lord did great things when He gave us Lilah, she was so meant to be part of our family. And I know if things had finished a week earlier or a day earlier, we might never have seen her beautiful face. So I know the Lord is in control and I have faith that He will lead us to the child that is meant for our family.

So now our documents for the dossier have to be translated and notarized before they are sent to China. Our agency already has them all in their hands, so we are just waiting - the timeframe is approximately one month. Then the dossier will be sent to China and we'll get a LID (log in date). At that stage we're ready to be matched with a referral! The lady in charge of the waiting children program has said the matching can take anywhere from 1-5 months.

Every step forward, is closer to our little one!