Monday, February 13, 2012

choice gleanings calendar

I read this on the Choice Gleanings calendar today. It's a solid reminder that my Heavenly Father is in control. I also needed this reminder to keep praying. At times on this journey (to our second child) I've felt so at peace that I feel like I'm just expecting it to happen without asking anything of the Lord.

Of course, at the start I pleaded with Him to show me if we were supposed to adopt again. We certainly didn't walk into this process with a light heart. But since the Lord answered my prayers (almost a year ago), I really haven't felt the necessity to plead with Him since, requesting that he give me my child already - you understand what I mean.

Anyway, sometimes I feel that I am too laid back and that I should be seeking the Lord more in earnest. I do feel that the He has given me the peace that I have though, so it is hard to know. I guess I just need to remember that He is in control and He has given us a promise.

I believe in every one of His promises.

february 13th - choice gleanings calendar

Saturday, February 4, 2012

thinking about you

I know you're alive, I know you're out there, somewhere in China. The Lord spoke loudly to us, He told us to bring you into our family. I have faith that even when things don't seem to turn out the way we expect them to, my Father is in full control.

The Lord has been calming my heart and giving me the peace I need while we wait for you.

I think about you often my little one.
And I love you already.