Tuesday, July 31, 2012

oh joy - oh love!

Jennifer is incredible. A couple of days ago she passed on some amazing information after meeting my sweet little QiQi on July 15th! I felt so indebted to her, and still do, her news made my heart sing! She mentioned that she was pretty sure she didn't have any photos of QiQi. And that was okay... I knew we'd be seeing her in 5 weeks, so I was okay with that. But then today, she was going through her photos from their heritage trip and guess what? YES! She found a picture of my baby girl!!

Oh my goodness. I could hardly contain myself. QiQi is simply adorable. You have no idea how badly we want to hold our girl.

Just look at her, she is so intrigued with whatever is happening on that camera - I suspect the gentleman is possibly showing her a movie he's taken or some pictures. A camera though... seriously? Someone is already doing the ground work for me, getting her used to the big black dslr!

Oh my heart is full. QiQi, I love you... more than I can even comprehend right now.

Today your big sister looked at this new picture longingly, and said: "Mama...no more pictures! I want her for real."
Her words made my heart stop. How I wish the same. Very soon it will be 'for real' and it can't come soon enough.


I adore her little pink dress and the little jade necklace she's wearing and touching. So very special.
And I'm so very thankful for people, like this gentleman, taking a minute to stop with my girl and show her some kindness.
It means the world to me.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

so grateful for this message

I received this message, this morning, from one of the Moms on the Yahoo group I joined for Phebe's SWI.
(I may have cried)
There are times when our daughter just feels like a dream and then this little piece of reality is thrown my way. So amazing.
I feel so grateful towards this Mom for messaging me and for her children, playing with my little girl.
(I might just be crying again)



We just returned home from a heritage tour in China. We were able to visit the ChangDe SWI & MET YOUR DAUGHTER! She is so cute. My daughters (ages 11 & 8) played with her. We weren't allowed to take any pictures of her. We heard all about how she is on her way to Canada! ;0) My daughters wanted to take her home to Florida with us. She is so cute & sweet!



supper at the farm

Monday, July 23, 2012

the weather

Today, Monday, I did a little spot check on the weather Phebe is currently experiencing in Changde. I couldn't help but notice how similiar today's weather is to our own! We both had thunderstorms today! Ottawa is 31 degrees, Changde is 32 degrees! But the humidity, I think 55% feels rough, so I can't even imagine what 85% feels like. Yikes!

On another weather related note, Beijing got some crazy floods this past weekend. Thinking about all these families that have lost loved ones... and praying that our little Phebe will be kept safe over the next month until we are able to travel and hold her.

weather changde weather ottawa

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

a little update on qiqi

While we've been celebrating the arrival of our Letter Seeking Confirmation this past week, I felt that QiQi should also be celebrating with us. So last week we had a care package with a cake sent to our sweet little girl through 'Gifts to China with Love'.

We got a little note from the SWI yesterday saying how happy they are to get the news that QiQi will be adopted in September.

I haven't gotten any pictures yet, but today we got an update on our little girl, which I love! My favorite part is that she smiles to her friends! You can not believe how excited I am to see that smile on her precious little face.


height: 83cm
weight: 10kg
feet length: 13cm
teeth: 8 up & 7 down

QiQi gets up at 6:30am, takes a nap for 1 to 2 hours and goes to bed at 8pm. She sleeps well.

She is not picky for food. She will have 150ml milk before go to bed and after wake up.

She is an introvert girl, she is shy.
She lives in the orphanage.
She can say Mama, Baba, GerGer (brother).
She will smile to her friends.
She can climb up the floors (stairs) by herself.


Monday, July 16, 2012

the flights have been booked!


We are going to China!!

The flights are booked for all three of us... and four on the way home! We're going to be a family of four! Wow!

We leave at 11am on Wednesday 5th September, fly Ottawa-Toronto-Beijing. We arrive in Beijing on Thursday 6th September at 4:05pm. We get a few days to adjust, then fly to Changsha, Hunan and our Forever Phebe Day is on Monday 10th September! Which happens to be this day 8 weeks!

EEKS! ...I'm SO excited! We all are!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

this past week

My head has been spinning this past week. Signing our letter seeking confirmation. Figuring out our travel dates, because we want to leave for China a few days earlier to help adjust Lilah to the time difference and jetlag! And just the euphoria of knowing we will have our little Phebe in our arms soon.

So incredible!

I just want to stop and take a moment, as I have done so many times this past week... and thank my Heavenly Father.

Thank you God.

For giving us another beautiful girl to love.
For allowing us to bring her home, just before her 2nd birthday.
For Your perfect timing in everything.

You have answered my prayers... and more.

I have absolutely fallen in love with this sweet little girl, my daughter. I feel immeasurably blessed to call her our daughter.

God is so good - always.

I love her

Thursday, July 12, 2012

my loves

I don't wear jewellery much. But while I miss my Phebe girl, I had this necklace
made by eclectic wendy designs on Etsy, so I can wear her name close to me.

C♥J - lilah & phebe

our little family

C ♥ J

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

letter seeking confirmation... has arrived!


Oh my favourite three letters in the whole wide world!
It arrived today, day 119! And we are over-the-moon excited! I mean, REALLY excited!

Finally, the count down is on!

We will be travelling to get our sweet little QiQi on either the 6th or 7th of September!
We'll have our baby girl home just in time to celebrate her 2nd birthday on October 1st.

SO incredibly blessed.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

hair accessories!

If you know me well enough, you'll know I have a tiny obsession with hair accessories! Lilah has more hair clips than I care to acknowledge, and the great thing is that Phebe can share these hair clips with her big sister!

However, her name is not Lilah and since Lilah has quite a few personalized hair clips... well, it only seems fair that Phebe should have her own collection too! I am slowly building it up... as we speak!

Personalization however, it not my biggest dilemma right now. Looking at the most recent pictures of our beautiful Phebe girl, I'm afraid she's subject to the good old buzz cut! Ahh yes. How hard is that for this Mama that loves hair and hair accessories! I know the SWI have a very good reason for this though, so I totally understand. Anyway, all that being said, it looks like my littlest monkey will be needing a few extra teeny tiny baby hair clips.

I'm working on it, well Etsy is! What would I do without Etsy?


I can still hardly believe that I've been blessed with another daughter. Thank you Lord.