Saturday, June 9, 2012

the nursery

I really haven't much to do for the arrival of Phebe Jayne.

Since Lilah moved into her new bedroom last summer, the nursery has been left 'as is'. I bought a few new things, of course!

In fact, Lilah and I went to IKEA last Saturday for a little lunch date and shop. We found this cute little push toy for Phebe - shown in the photo below. A funny situation happened when we were there. I had picked up a few things for Phebe and something for Lilah too, however, as we were standing deciding over this toy for Phebe, Lilah said to me... "It's all about Phebe now, isn't it?" Of course, I took it that Lilah was feeling a bit offended about it being 'all about Phebe' and I really didn't want her feeling that way, so I was trying to play down the fact that everything was all about Phebe and that we love her (Lilah) so much and explained that before she came home from China, we also talked about her all the time and bought her lots of things too... blah blah blah... you know how when you go into a bit of panic mode, you overtalk, well that was me! Anyway, by the time I came up for air, Lilah was looking at me like I was a crazy lady! She calmly replied, "But I want it to be all about Phebe, because I have enough toys."

Oh my, she is going to be an awesome big sister. Of course, I told her that too - I told her that was a very kind way to think about her Mei Mei.

Phebe's Room


  1. LOL... too cute... she got you on that one. What a mature girl to even think that way! I had to keep telling my kids too that Silas came to us with NOTHING and so I needed to buy him things, whereas they already had everything they needed... they seemed to understand that.

  2. She has the sweetest little heart, and you're obviously doing a great job preparing her for Phebe. The room looks beautiful and so calming..and I love her new push toy.

    Gin =)

  3. Can't wait to see the bed with Phebe in it grinning out!

  4. She's going to make a great big sister. How sweet!

    And the toy is adorable!

  5. Oh this just made me grin........I too over compensate some times when it comes to talking! Why do I see it my job to "fill a silence"???!!
    You have done such a great job with your Lilah, she has a wonderful attitude :)

  6. Lilah is such a sweetheart! Bless her little heart! I am sure she will just adore being a big sister... it is clear she has already fallen in love with QiQi.

  7. Wow, that is the cutest thing ever. Not many 5 year olds are that selfless. :) I CANNOT wait to meet Phebe...

    -Ciela Rose