Monday, February 25, 2013

those glasses!

Move over Harry (Potter), there's a Harriette in town! ...and she is ridiculously cute.

Most days, she'll grab a pair of glasses from the dress-up box and wear them around the house.
You see, her big sister wears glasses and she likes to act just like her big sister!

the new & improved... Harry Potter!


  1. Harry Potter indeed! Those glasses sure do change her look. What a cutie - with and without the glasses!

  2. She's sooooooo cute!
    Have a great week ;)

  3. She is unbelievably adorable in those glasses...but then she's just unbelievable cute, period! How sweet that she wants to be like Lilah.

    Gin =)

  4. This had me at "Hello"....! I love how fast her hair is growing Jill, D

  5. So sweet! She still loves her Tigger, I see.
    Miss Lindy