Friday, April 26, 2013

"mama, why flowers?"

A funny little happening this past week...

It was suppertime, Phebe was sitting munching away on her spinach leaves, when she picked a particularly big one from her plate, held it up and asked me: "Mama, why flowers?"

Haha! I think she's confused why 'flowers', all of a sudden, became a food group! And it all lines up, because a couple of weeks ago our neighbours gave us a beautiful bunch of flowers... see below. I think she thought she was eating them! Ha!

Might I add, EVERYTHING is "Why?" at the moment: "Why raining, Mama?" - "Why clothes off, Mama?" - "Why people running, Mama?" - "Why hair wet, Mama?" - "Why Lilah school, Mama?" - "Why dirty, Mama?" - "Why bubbles, Mama?" - "Why no cookies, Mama?" - "Why hot, Mama?" - etc, etc, etc.



  1. Ha! So funny that she thought Mama was feeding her flowers. I'm just a little envious that she'll eat spinach like that for you. I have to disguise it well these days. All of those "why's" just show what smart little cookie Phebe is.

    Gin =)

  2. Firstly let me say how much I enjoyed the WHY questions, secondly let me say how pretty the scripture texts look on your wall, thirdle those flowers are so very pretty and I adore the jar just perfect and if I get a little time I might make you something to go around the middle of the jar so please keep it:-) but you need to send me the measurements height and middle <3 mummy xxxx

  3. This is a really cute stage. Micah asked me this week why there were leaves in his soup!

    And I love your mommy... Her comments are precious!

  4. She's a clever little one! Oh, I remember the why stage . . .it is wonderful . . .but oh so tiring sometimes. Once Liliah hit 3 years old, I'd sometimes ask her why back in a very happy tone and often she knew and just wanted to talk!