Monday, August 5, 2013

catching up!

I have a lot of catching up to do at the moment!

Papie & Nono (my parents) were here, from N.Ireland, for almost three weeks and we had plenty of fun times together. And of course, I have a lot of pictures to prove it! I'll be backdating all my posts to the appropriate dates.

In the meantime, a shout out to Nono (my Mum), since it's her birthday today - Happy Birthday Mum! We miss you.

mont tremblant - day 1


  1. I guess one of the highlights of the visit was meeting sweet Phebe Jayne (grand-daughter) and she sure is all that and more!
    We had a wonderful time with you all fun times and lots of lovely memories of a wonderful vacation, so a double THANK YOU for a wonderful time and the birthday wishes too! LOVE you all so very much. mummy & daddy (Nono & Papie)xxxx

  2. you must miss them!!

    Hope your Mom had an awesome time in Canada!

    Also hope her birthday was great!