Tuesday, December 17, 2013

her imagination!

Phebe has an excellent imagination. During play, she used to lean on Lilah a lot, she would follow Lilahs lead and basically do what she was told to do! But more recently, Phebe has been doing her own thing, sure she still loves to play alongside Lilah, but it is nice to see her gain a lot of independence during play. Especially when Lilah is at school, Phebe sings and chatters away to herself non-stop. In fact, there are many times in a week Baba and I will look at each other and quietly ask, does she have an "Off" button?! To be honest though, I love my little chatterbox. She is so sweet and funny!

At the supper table last week, Lilah announced that she wants to be a nurse when she gets older. Phebe listened for a second and then declared: "Well, I want to be Dr. Maharajh!" ...and in case you don't recognize the name, Dr. Maharajh was her very own heart surgeon! I'm so thankful her experience was such a positive one. So much so, that now she wants to be just like him!

I took these picture of Phebe playing today... in case you didn't know, heart surgeries are performed around here on a daily basis!

performing heart surgery!


  1. She is just so incredibly sweet!

  2. Who knows what she will be, but it would be great if she was a heart surgeon. Right now my Lilah wants to be a dentist and Zoe wants to be a mermaid!