Saturday, January 4, 2014

2013 christmas baubles

We started this little tradition a few years ago. On Christmas Eve, I give my girls their 2013 Christmas ornaments. I try to find something relevant to the past year, and this year it worked out well.

I found Lilah's first, on Etsy, a bauble decorated with music paper to remind us that 2013 was her first year to be introduced to music. A new piano, and lessons each and every Monday started in September. I had no idea how it would go, although my Lilah girl is always positive about trying something new... after her first lesson I could tell just how much she REALLY enjoyed it, and by her 4th lesson she was jumping for joy at the idea of going to lessons! The pride she had at learning to play with her left hand, then her right hand, and just 3 months later, she is now playing with both hands, not sure exactly how to say this, but now she is using both hands to play 2 different notes, at the same time. I am quite honestly mesmerized! She is so confident and loves her instructor, Steve. He is a little kooky and makes her laugh! Along with being kooky, he makes her work hard (usually practicing three different songs a week) and gives her plenty of encouragement when she deserves it.

I didn't take me long to figure out Phebe's huge accomplishment in 2013, her brand new fixed heart and the brave girl that she was during that time. Something I still thank God for. Her experience was positive, her recovery was amazing and we are delighted that she has it behind her now. And of course, the heart decoration had to have her initial on it, because my little miss Phebe was feeling a little put out when we were hanging ornaments on the tree and she noticed that there were two L's (for Lilah), but no P's for Phebe! Indeed. We had to fix that dilemma!

2013 christmas ornaments

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