Thursday, February 27, 2014

a special conversation

Phebe and I have been having some special conversations lately about one of our friends that is pregnant.

Today, at lunch time, we were at the mall and while eating her lunch, she looked down at her belly and said, "Mama, my belly isn't big enough to have a baby... but Auntie Glenda's belly is big enough to have a baby! Is your belly big enough to have a baby, or no?"

So yes, she's starting to understand some things and we've had the conversation that she wasn't a baby in my belly. Instead she was in her birth Mama's belly, in China.

Tonight, after supper, Phebe asked me who her Mama in China is... her questions were: "What's her name? Can I see her?" I explained that we don't know who her birth Mama is, but for sure, God knows her... that's why we pray at night that God will keep her safe. So she asked: "Will God tell me who she is? ...and I went on to further explain that God doesn't talk to us in that way... I said, He can see everything and knows everything, but He stays up in heaven. And she replied, "Oh yes, because he rolled the stone away and went to see all His friends!"

She stopped and thought for a moment and then declared: "I'll get saved tomorrow so I can go to heaven and ask God who she is!"

These are the moments that take my breath away, and bring tears to my eyes... listening to her little innocent 3 year old heart trying to make sense of this all. My prayer is that she'll put her faith in the Lord, and that she'll lean on Him, as she navigates her way through life.


  1. Oh wow, Jill. She is so young to be asking these things, but you are doing an amazing job of handling them. Its do tough sometimes. We want to shield them from the losses and pain of their beginnings but at the same time we have to be open and honest with them. I love that she's learning so much about God...warms my heart. Hugs.

  2. Oh my. She is a seriously deep thinker! It sounds like she is on a very good path for putting her faith in God and learning to trust His ways.