Wednesday, March 7, 2012

all about little qiqi

So in the package we received, some of *QiQi's personality, characteristics and abilities are recorded. Reading them, some make me grin, some make me feel so proud of her and some make me tear up because I want to be there for her so much.

Each word I read, I feel myself falling in love with her more and more...

: She's a deep sleeper.
: She walks alone steadily.
: She goes upstairs with her hands against the wall.
: She uses her thumb and index finger deftly.
: She bangs two blocks together and puts blocks into the cup.
: She imitates words and knows what "NO" means! She can say NaiNai and MaMa.
: She responds to others asking for her objects.
: She is introverted, quiet and is fond of quietness.
: She is afraid of strangers and easy to cry when she meets strangers.
: She likes to play with children older than her, and then she's happy!
: She is sometimes impatient!
: She has a ready smile.
: She is closest to her caretakers.
: She likes to take the colourful dolls and rattles in her hand and play.
: Sometimes she is fond of watching TV!

I love her to the moon and back.

*QiQi is said like CheeChee


  1. I can imagine that now that you have seen and learned more about your new baby girl the wait will be long and emotional. I hope that the three of you are able to meet her and bring her home soon.

  2. It sounds like she will fit in great, especially if she likes to play with older children and they make her happy.

    It will be great to watch these two girls grow up and form a close sister bond. There is nothing like it!

  3. She sounds absoutely wonderful and perfect! It does sound like she's going to fit in perfectly. I know how much all of this information must mean to you while you wait to bring her home. Wow, can you believe it..two sweet daughters??!! Excuse me while I let out another little squeal..still so excited for you.
    Gin =)

  4. I love the things that the SWI tells you about your child. Using the thumb deftly and putting things in cups! The only thing that I might not believe is about being introverted. I hear this is a cultural value and they want all children to be like this. They said YY was too, and as you know, she is pretty outgoing! However, that list is great to have. I remember reading YY's over many times. We also lucked out because she was moved to an American orphanage next door to her SWI and they send me updates during the wait, even though they weren't supposed to. I was glued to the computer, as you will be. SOOO exciting.

  5. I love that check list :D