Tuesday, March 27, 2012

our daughter's current home

Changde City SWI in Hunan Province, China

Changde City Social Welfare Institute, founded in 1950, is a social institute of first class in Hunan province which provides the service of recovery training, medical treatment, old age support and orphans’ rescue, and mainly engages in the adoption of old people who have no income, no supporters or laboring ability, orphans and disabled children and meanwhile provides the service of socialized old age support, medical treatment and recovery of disabled children. There are 500 beds in the institute now. The service and facilities of the institute are complete and the environment of institute is very good with many green trees and colorful flowers. Three leisure fitness squares and various courts in the institute are the paradise of old people and children. The institute has a special education school which calls “Trust Myself” supported by the organization “Love is color blind”. This school has been giving the preschool disabled children formative education.

The institute has adopted 1,400 orphans and disabled children since founded. For making these orphans and disabled children return back home and integrate into the society as soon as possible, the institute has sent 1,188 children to be adopted by foreign parents and helped them find their own families. Many foreign adoptive parents took their adoptive children to visit the institute for seeking their roots each year.

The institute has been sticking to the idea of “family, humanization, standardized service” and the doctrine of “love forever, care the old age and young children, serve for society, devote sincerely”, and received the full acceptance from all circles of society. The institute became the second one which got the International Quality Management System in Hunan province.

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Changde City SWI


  1. Sounds like a great swi. I hope you will get a chance to visit it and see where Phebe has spent the first years of her life.

  2. It looks very nice, as SWI's go. Will you be able to visit while you are there?