Tuesday, April 3, 2012

care package enroute to changde swi

Our agency asked us to get a little care package ready so they could send it to QiQi and hopefully they'll get a little update on her to pass on to us. I'm pretty desperate for an update again, so I got all the things together and dropped it off at the agency. Everything had to fit into a shoebox, so here's what we sent:

: a colourful and very noisy Lamaze doll! Honestly, every part of that doll rattles or crinkles or squeaks. According to her referral information, she 'takes bright colourful dolls and rattles in her hands to play'. Well, with this doll, she's got all that!

: a photo album with pictures of our family. I wish I could have photoshopped her into the photo of the three of us! My photoshop skills are not that great, unfortunately. I did have fun with the stickers and googling the Chinese characters that I needed!

: a little dress and hairclip, actually this dress is the very first purchase I made for QiQi. I bought it last summer, in fact, I also bought Lilah one on the same day and she wore hers last summer - it should still fit her this summer! If my girls aren't wearing them together, maybe they will from afar!

: a bag of sweets and a letter, both for her caregivers.

care package - phebe care package


  1. I know you enjoyed every second of putting this little care package together for your sweet girl...isn't it great?! Hoping for some updates for you soon.

    Gin =)

  2. It really is exciting to send them something special... I bet she will love it! I hope you get an update.

  3. What a sweet little care package to send off to your girl! Once you know who your child is, that IS the hardest time! Hoping you get some updated information and maybe of her playing with her dollie rattle! We received our LID this past week (3/26/2012). We are now waiting to be matched.

  4. I think she will love it! I so hope you will receive some information (or even a few pictures) back after she has received this.

  5. I love the sentence that starts "if my girls.........." WOW YOU HAVE 2 DAUGHTERS!!!

  6. I think Phebe is going to adore all the lovely gifts in her care package from her sweet family (: