Monday, May 28, 2012

missing - a set of chubby cheeks!

The only thing different from these two pictures, taken 3 months apart?
A jacket (or two!) and a set of very cute chubby cheeks!

Our beautiful girl sure is growing, and if it's even possible, she looks sweeter than ever!



  1. She has changed a lot in three months... She is a little beauty and I can hardly wait to see the outfits and hair and shoes once you have her! It will be amazing...

  2. She still seems to have a gentleness about her, even with the missing chubby cheeks!

  3. So incredibly beautiful.. but it is hard watching them grow in photos, isn't it?
    Praying she is in your arms soon, Jill :)

  4. Oh,Jill. Praying for quick travels to your beautiful girl.

    Gin =)