Saturday, May 26, 2012

our father's compassion

I was reading the Choice Gleanings calendar this past week and felt so encouraged by the verse and comments the author had touched on in Tuesday's gleanings. Sometimes I forget that the Lord is walking with me, he's right beside me and he has feelings just as I have feelings. There are days that I feel emotional and worry about my daughter, and it never really struck me before that the Lord has a very real compassion and He feels for us... for ME... as I wait for my daughter. I felt encouraged, and I felt a strength to know that Lord has compassion on my daughter too. In fact, He's looking after QiQi and me in the exact same moment in time - He's omnipresent and feeling for both of us in our different emotions and situations, that's how incredible He is.

For we have not a High Priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities... Hebrews 4:15
We constantly read about the Lord's compassion. He had compassion on the multitudes because they were as sheep having no shepherd. He had compassion on the possessed and diseased and healed them. But the compassion of the Saviour continues even as He sits in heaven. We read that as our great High Priest He can be "touched." What a comfort to know that the Lord feels with us, and for us, and that He fully understands what we are going through.


  1. Sounds like something you really need to read at the exact right time. And how true it is... if only we could fully grasp His compassion for each of us...

  2. This is so beautifully and movingly written. I am a momma with one sweet gem of a girl from China at home, waiting to be matched with our second daughter. Thank you for the reminder. So wonderful that you have new photos and information on your Phebe. Cheering you on as you wait and journey to gather Miss Phebe into your family.