Friday, August 3, 2012

twenty two months old

QiQi, you're 22 months old now!

Very soon your life is going to change baby girl, in a big way. Only 38 days to go, before we hold you in our arms, on September 10th. I know we've been waiting for this moment, for a long time now, but we know you haven't. I pray that we'll have the strength to give you the time and space you'll need to get to know our family. And I pray that our love for you will help your little heart trust us. We are SO excited to meet you QiQi. Tonight your big sister was telling me how much she loves me... a couple of seconds later she said, "I love my sister as much as I love you, Mama." She meant that with all her heart... I get the feeling that your big sister is going to spoil you!

Also, since we are now into the month of August, we attached a calendar to the fridge this week and each morning your big sister puts an X to mark off each day, as we count down the days until we fly to China and meet you, baby girl. We are so excited!


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  1. We did the calendar too with our last trip. The days go so fast and yet so slow! She is so loved already.