Tuesday, July 31, 2012

oh joy - oh love!

Jennifer is incredible. A couple of days ago she passed on some amazing information after meeting my sweet little QiQi on July 15th! I felt so indebted to her, and still do, her news made my heart sing! She mentioned that she was pretty sure she didn't have any photos of QiQi. And that was okay... I knew we'd be seeing her in 5 weeks, so I was okay with that. But then today, she was going through her photos from their heritage trip and guess what? YES! She found a picture of my baby girl!!

Oh my goodness. I could hardly contain myself. QiQi is simply adorable. You have no idea how badly we want to hold our girl.

Just look at her, she is so intrigued with whatever is happening on that camera - I suspect the gentleman is possibly showing her a movie he's taken or some pictures. A camera though... seriously? Someone is already doing the ground work for me, getting her used to the big black dslr!

Oh my heart is full. QiQi, I love you... more than I can even comprehend right now.

Today your big sister looked at this new picture longingly, and said: "Mama...no more pictures! I want her for real."
Her words made my heart stop. How I wish the same. Very soon it will be 'for real' and it can't come soon enough.


I adore her little pink dress and the little jade necklace she's wearing and touching. So very special.
And I'm so very thankful for people, like this gentleman, taking a minute to stop with my girl and show her some kindness.
It means the world to me.


  1. Grace Halliday31 July, 2012

    I have to say Jill, I filled up with tears when I saw this. Little sweetheart. How kind of these people to pay attention to her and to photograph her and send it to her Mum!

  2. Oh Jill, I feel for you ...........hoping the next few weeks fly by.

    Phebe is just beautiful.

  3. So adorable!!! Just LOVE This photo for SO MANY reasons!!!! Hope 5 weeks FLY BY!!!!

  4. She really is adorable! And dressed like a girly girl! She looks healthy and well cared for!

    It is not that long now Jill!

  5. Oh, be still your heart! I remember being thrilled and grateful for any glimpses of our girl while waiting. Now we are waiting to get our first glimpse of who God has for our family. Wishing you all the best.

  6. I just cant wait until she is placed in your arms daughter! I am one proud Nono xxxx

  7. I just cant wait until she is placed in your arms daughter! I am one proud Nono xxxx

  8. Ohhh,that precious, beautiful baby girl!! I love this photo for so many reasons!! She does look intrigued with that camera ;). Just a few more weeks and Lilah and Mama will get their wish!!! Hoping and praying it flies by for you.

    Gin =)

  9. Those updates and photos are truly EVERYTHING during this very difficult time of the wait. She is lovely...and seriously...PERFECT for your family. That camera confirms it (although I'm pretty sure you really didn't need that confirmation!).

    FIVE WEEKS???? I can't wait to follow your journey as you bring your sweet girl home. So many things to look forward to....blessings abound.

  10. What a sweetheart, Jill!!!! Can't wait to follow your journey....

  11. she is precious! Hang on Mommy it won't be long now.


  12. What a wonderful gift to receive this picture, but not as good as the real thing - soon, very soon!

  13. Oh how VERY much I agree... it can't come soon enough!!! She is absolutely precious and just takes my breath away! I'm sure your heart skipped a beat when you seen this photo... she is just darling!!! ♥ She'll be in your arms 'for real' before you know it! :))


  14. Tears in my eyes too! She is precious and will soon be for real :)

    xo ellie

  15. This photo of your Phebe just melts my heart! I am so happy for you and your beautiful family! I am so excited to follow your journey and can't wait to see all your beautiful photos of your beautiful girls!!!
    Happy Friday:)
    God Bless,

  16. He's saying "if you see one of these, look behind it and you'll find your Mama!" xo N

  17. So precious!! Wow!! Yes, for real is coming so very soon now! M xoxoxoxox