Wednesday, May 29, 2013

surgery tomorrow

our phebster!

We met the surgeon that will be completing Phebe's heart surgery, three weeks ago, on May 3rd.

He walked us through every step of the surgery. Every little detail. The pros. The cons. The reasons. He made us feel so confident, so sure, so at peace. We know this is the right thing.

And yet as the day draws closer, emotionally, it gets harder. We need more than the surgeons words for peace of mind. We need our Heavenly Father's comforting words and to feel His arms around us, bringing us the peace that only He can. We know she is in great hands, and yet it is such a human thing to fall back on our own emotions. The Lord has kept her healthy and well in these weeks running up to her surgery, which is a miracle in itself. Lilah and I have both had horrible colds, sickness is going around and yet Phebe has been preserved from it all.

Tomorrow is the big day. Her surgery starts at around 9am and lasts approximately 5 hours. Your prayers mean so much to us, thank you.

our phebster! our phebster! our phebster! our phebster! our phebster! our phebster! our phebster!

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