Monday, May 27, 2013

the things she says... and sings!

Looking through a new book one morning, there was a girl on her knees praying and I said "Oh look, she's praying"... to which Phebe exclaimed: "Thank you God!"

When she's looking through a book if the picture shows a child with his Mama, she will ask "Where's Baba?". And vise versa, if the picture shows a child with his Baba, she will ask "Where's Mama?" She is very aware that a child should have a Baba & Mama now, which warms my heart... because of course, that's what we've been reinforcing since she came home from China.

She sometimes calls a receipt, a recycle!

Sometimes she says belly sore, and then sometimes she gets confused and says dinosaur!

She can put on a fabulous show of "Shake Your Booty" - learned from her sister Lilah, of course!

She sings Jesus loves me... well, as well as a two year old, 7 months home from China can! Which I personally think is awesome!

I was teaching her how to pedal her trike one day and I may have been labouring on the point of her pushing her feet, over and over again! After a while she exclaimed: "No say it Mama!"

I walked into the bathroom one day where she was perched on the 'throne', doing whatever! She raised her voice and said: "GET OUT Mama!" (snort!)

She sings 'Twinkle Twinkle little star' just beautifully... when she's not being silly and trying to put on a silly voice!

She sings at Church... even when she doesn't know the song, she's still singing away as loud as she can!

For something, she says "somepink". Someone came to our door one day and she came running in to me and said "Somepink at the door!"

For very, she says "verdy".

She is afraid of getting lost. She says "No get lost" in a very serious/worried tone.

The moment we get into the car she'll demand "Music on Mama?"

She calls all Lilah's school friends "The Guys!"

She takes picture sof me with her pretend camera... it goes like this: "Stand up Mama" - "Smiiiiiiillle!" - "So Cute!"

On several occasions, during a 'preaching' session from Lilah about something Phebe shouldn't be doing, Phebe has looked at Lilah in the eye, put her finger to her lips and made a loud "SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

"Shake Yer Booty!"

"Jesus Loves Me"

"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"

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  1. Such sweet words... it is always interesting to watch them as they learn a new language! The videos are great and she is one great singer... with a lot of energy!