Wednesday, October 16, 2013

funny monkey!

thanksgiving weekend @ mackenzie king estate thanksgiving weekend @ mackenzie king estate

After hurting myself one day: "It's okay mama, don't worry. When we get home you can get a band aid... if you want? And I'll get one too, isn't that a good idea?"

Lying in bed with me one morning, she rubbed my cheek and said: "You're so cute, Mama. I like it on your bed!"

"Mama, I have the hiccups. They're in my mouth!"

"Mama, you're so amazing. And cool."

"Oh Mama, your skirt has spots. I like spots, I SO looove spots!"

She had a slight cold for a couple of days. Sometimes she'd ask me to blow her nose and sometimes when I asked if she needed it blown, she's reply: "No hank you Mama, it's empty!" ( hank = thank!)

lilah: "No Phebe, that's not a band aid!"
phebe: "Well, it's pretending!"

Talking to her stuffed animal one day: "You need to smarten up!"

When she uses please and thank you, she'll look at me and proudly say: "Isn't that good manners?"

Going through the drive thru at McDonalds one day, it was pretty backed up and we were sitting in the queue... Phebe spoke up from the back seat: "Mama, put the window down and call the meal!"

She regularly uses the term, "That's too bad!", when something doesn't turn out the way she wanted it to!

One morning, Baba was leaving for work and I said to him: "Bye Baby". Phebe laughed at me and in a disgusted voice said: "Baba's not a baby!"

In a restaurant one day the waitress called her 'Honey'... she turned to me and said: "I'm not honey!"

In church one morning (I usually bring the ipad so she can do puzzles and colouring), but I forgot it this day, so when she asked me where it was and I told her I forgot it, she held up her hands and exclaimed: "Serious!"


  1. Your supergirl says the cutest things. I'm surprised at some of what she figures out ... she's so smart!

  2. phebe cracks me up! what a monkey you have!


  3. Isn't it so much fun to just sit back and listen to see what they're going to come up with next?! What a funny, smart little girl. Just like her big Sis.

    Gin =)

  4. I love how at this age they take everything so literally... she is a sweet one!

  5. LOL. She sounds like a great match for Lilah with her funny little sayings. I wonder where they get that from ;)