Thursday, October 24, 2013

the sickies have returned!

Fever on Monday.
Perfectly fine on Tuesday.
Throwing up on Wednesday.
Coughing up a storm on Thursday.

Yuck. It's been that kind of a week around here, for the Phebe girl.
I'm so over this and the Winter hasn't even started!



  1. Oh the wee pet....I perscribe lots of kisses and hugs!

    Hoping she feels better soon.

  2. Poor pumpkin. As relieved as you are that her illnesses are fewer than before surgery, I know it's still hard to see your baby suffer. I'll pray that she feels better soon and stays that way the ENTIRE winter!

  3. Poor Phebe. Nothing worse than watching you little one suffer through the "ickies". Hope she's feeling much better soon.