Thursday, March 21, 2013

her second cardiology appointment

Yesterday our Phebe girl had another appointment at the Children's Hospital for a follow-up echo and ecg.

During Phebe's first appointment, on January 9th, she had each of these tests done which showed she had a 5mm vsd. Actually, this time we learned that the vsd is 5mm at one side and 9mm at the other side. Her heart has also become more enlarged since her last visit. So now we know for sure, she definitely needs this surgery.

She did great during both her tests. It sure is a long time for a 2 year old to lie still - especially during the echo. And I can tell it's uncomfortable and at times painful for her, but she is such a happy girl - she just grins and bears it. The staff are wonderful and in the words of her Cardiologist: "She's going to have the surgical team wrapped around her fingers!". Let me tell you, that is the truth! She has that way about her, her grin and sunny disposition can buy just about anyone over!

Did I mention she is the 90th percentile for height?! She's grown 3cms in the past two months! Our peanut maybe isn't going to stay a peanut for long! She still looks so tiny though, especially beside Lilah! Her sickness in the past few months has held her back on her weight, unfortunately. She's back down to the 10th percentile. She does love her food though, but during sickness she regularly gets diarrhea and sometimes throws up. I think it might be the side affects of the antibiotics.

We also got to meet her surgical nurse, who I have chatted on the phone with several times already. She is amazing. We are so very thankful to have this team rallying around our little girly.

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  1. Oh Jill, your girl is such a little darling!

    And without a doubt her spirit is going to get her through.....isnt she truly amazing!

    Colin reminds me so much of Mark, so caring and calm in his approach to everything.

    Hugs D

    I wish I could

  2. sounds like she is in the right place. You have a big hurdle a head but you. But, I just know you will all get through this with your strong faith and sense of family.

    when is the surgery planned for?


  3. That special little girl is not going to let this keep her down. I'm glad to hear she's got such a great team working with her, and yes, it sounds like it's time. ((Hugs)).

  4. This makes me think of lilah and her high tolerance of pain, because they live in pain! It will be so good to have this surgery behind you!