Sunday, March 24, 2013

she's a chatterbox!

This post is looooooooong overdue!

My little Miss Phebe is a complete chatterbox! In fact, so much so, when I saw this t-shirt in Old Navy recently, I knew she and it were a perfect match! Really, if this girl didn't sleep, she would absolutely be talking 24/7.

old navy tshirt

Her favourite thing at the moment is asking me what everything is... everything and anything. She'll say: "Mama, whasis?" (what's this?) or "Mama, whosis?" (who's this?). Just this morning, during Church, she pointed to every girl that sits in the row close by us and asked me "Whosis?" for each one of them, and then she'll start back at the start of the row again and make me repeat all their names again. After I say each of their names, she repeats them after me.

I guess it's no wonder she's learning so fast!

The other expression I hear a lot, is: "Mama, have it?" - she'll say this when she wants something. She's basically asking if she can have whatever it is she wants. Some examples are: "Downstairs - have it?" or "Cookie - have it?" or "Tigger - have it?"

She has some very cute ways of expressing herself, one of my favourites is when she dislikes something: She'll turn to me and ask "Mama, almost all done?". It's like she's prepping herself, because she wants whatever it is that's bothering her, to be all done.

After we drop Lilah off at school she'll shout: "Byeeeeeeeeee Lilah..." and then she'll ask: "Kiss? Hug?" and then lastly she tells Lilah "Love you!". She completely melts my heart! And then on our way home she'll sing: "Have fuuuuuuuun. Love youuuuuuuuuu. Laterrrrrrr."

She is something else I tell you!

I'm not sure where she picked this up from, because I rarely order take-out over the phone... however, I've overheard her on several occassions... it goes like this: "Halo. Nom-nom please? Tank you!" (she calls food nom-nom!)

She wasn't so fond of the last course of antibiotics she was put on and each time she saw the bottle, she would shake her head and tell me: "Mama, Phebe no like it!". The funny part is, she slurped it up without any hesiation. Maybe she knew the medicine was helping her!

She has a fantastic imagination. Just today she was playing with an apple slice at the dinner table, and she was driving it around the table like a car. Last week she was playing with some dress up items - she chose a tie, a hat, a pair of high heel dress-up shoes and a tiny suitcase style bag - which she called her Bible bag and said ""Mama. Go meeting. Kiss? Bye-Bye!" She gave me a final wave and shuffled herself (because those heels are hard to walk in!) on down the hallway!

She has many associations with different places, when I tell her we're going to the Dr's, she'll happily shout out: "Dickers!" (that means stickers for those of you who are not bilingual in Phebe's language!). When I tell her we're going to meeting (Church) she'll immediately shout "Singing!".

Another thing she absolutely loves is singing: Her favourite songs are what she calls, "The B.I.B.I." which is in fact, "The B.I.B.L.E." and her other favourite is what she calls, "Winkle Winkle", which is in fact, "Twinkle Twinkle little star!"

She knows and can find a star, circle, heart and triangle. She also knows some of her colours: pink, purple, orange, yellow, blue and green. She must have overheard Lilah counting on many occasions, because she will count now and again, usually it is sporadic like: 2,3,4 or 7,8,9! She will point out anything that there are two of... she holds up both her pointer finger on each hand and shouts out "Mama, twoooooo!"

She loves making up little games of her own and one of her recent ones is pretending something has gone missing. She'll hide something, like a little rabbit and then ask "Where go rabbit? I dunno. Away car? Under table?" And then she'll find it and shout "Oh there it is!" with a massive look of glee on her face!

Can you tell I'm so so proud of her?!

meeting? meeting?\

All ready for Church in her heels, her hat, her tie and her Bible bag!


I love that little face!


  1. That baby girl is DEElightful! What a little character and sounds like she's smart as whip, too! Chatterboxes are fun... I've got one, too. I'm still marveling at how much Phebe's hair has grown!

    Gin =)

  2. I love how fast they learn and adapt to their new surroundings. She is doing so well and seems to be attaching so well, it warms my heart. Those two girls sure love to talk!

  3. I love this post! So much fun to read all the cute things that she says.
    Lindy D.