Sunday, March 10, 2013

six months ago today

It's been six months since Phebe joined our family. Half a year! I basically have no words to describe how quickly that time has disappeared.

It seems like yesterday that we walked into that room in Changsha and immediately saw our little girl sitting on that wooden bench, all alone. She had so much fear in her eyes; it literally took my breath away. I still remember that sob catching in my throat.

And knowing the happy carefree girl she is today, I now realize how much stress and anxiety that day, and a couple of weeks after, had on her little soul. It is heartbreaking for me to even think back to those memories.

Like I mentioned, in some ways it seems like yesterday, but on the other hand, looking back through these pictures, wow, it's like our sweet little girl has been with us a lifetime. Phebe, even though she's been through a huge turmoil in her little life, really hasn't looked back - in almost every moment, she embraces happiness and lives her happiness out loud! The selfish part of me is relieved that she has moved on so quickly and yet, a large part of me is torn with sadness, to watch how strong she had to be at such a tender age, in order to move on so quickly.

Her smiles in each of these pictures, puts tears in my eyes. She is so loved.

6 months together


  1. Her smile - which reaches her eyes - shows how deeply she knows that she is loved!

  2. It puts a sob in my throat and an ache in my heart to think I havent met this sweet grandchild as yet, but I know she is a little warrier and very strong and will not look back....because she is loved on so many levels! That smile says it all :-) We love you Phebe Jayne happy six months with your forever family Nono xxxx

  3. How is that even possible?! She is a very happy girl with a bright light in her eyes. Oh, how the love of a family can change a little one's life!

  4. that is because she is right where she belongs!


  5. How did I miss this post?! Happy 6 Months with your beautiful girl! I know exactly what you mean. It breaks your heart to see someone so small put on such a brave face yet you can see the fear in their eyes. But there's only joy and love in those beautiful smiling eyes of hers now! Your amazing Phebe has come so far so fast. A testament to her absolutely wonderful family and to prayer.

    Gin =)