Wednesday, November 6, 2013

a christmas toy catalogue!

A Christmas toy catalogue arrived in our mailbox yesterday.

Phebe is mesmerized, she's barely set it down since it's arrival. I found her sitting on our bed this afternoon, flicking the pages and animatedly chattering about all the "fun toys"!

Watching my girls with this catalogue, this past two days, brings back really fond childhood memories for me. It doesn't seem that long ago that I was flicking through the many pages of toys, and drooling over all the things I wanted! I'm pretty sure my decisions changed on an hourly basis. Mind you, while I was drooling over all things baby doll - like prams and baby baths and baby clothes and talking babies and peeing babies and crying babies... My girls, on the other hand, have skipped right past the cutesy baby doll stuff and are a lot more interested in the science and construction toys!

Ahh Christmas, it's so much fun!

christmas catalogue christmas catalogue christmas catalogue


  1. I love the Christmas toy catalogues too! And grew up loving them! Lovely photos.

  2. Oh boy, someone in our house has been pouring over the Christmas catalogs this week too. That room is so pretty and serene looking, and that girl of yours is adorable as ever, and wow is she ever growing and changing lately!

    Gin =)