Thursday, November 7, 2013

more funnies!


In the swimming pool one day: "Mama, I'm cold... I need a jacket!" - while pointing at the life jackets!

"Mamaaaa! She's trying to cheese me!" - Phebe, talking about Lilah teasing her, she says cheese for tease!

Sometimes she gets chicken and kitchen mixed up!

Looking at a picture of herself one day: "Awww, that's me. She's so cute!"

Driving to the Doctors office one day (Phebe was sick) and an ambulance with siren and flashing lights drove by:
"Oh look Mama, an ambulance, someone is sick! We just go to the doctors in the Volvo!"

While watching a Doc McStuffins show one day: "Is Doc McStuffins at CHEO?" (CHEO is our local Children's Hospital)

"Mama, thank you for the supper. See, I say my manners!"

Looking out the window one evening: "See Mama, it's not dark, it's still on!"

Sometimes when we're walking Lilah up to school she'll say: "I hard to walk Mama!" - In other words, please pick me up!

One Sunday I put on my high heels for Church and she exclaimed:
"Oh Mama, those are your wobbly shoes!" (The word was totally thought up on her own!)


  1. Oh my goodness! I needed the smile tonight and this definitely provided it!

    What a riot your little pumpkin is! I kept thinking the one I read was my favorite, till I got to the next one, all the way through the post. Guess I'd better not choose!

    Just be careful though, Phebe practically wrote you a funny story if you're not careful. If you fell in your "wobbly shoes," it could be "hard to walk," and you might get to go to the hospital in ambulance instead of the Volvo, and maybe even see Doc McStuffins ;-)

  2. She is just so sweet! And she's so cute!

  3. Funny girl! Love that kids "just say it as they see it". She will be trying out those wobbly shoes soon, no doubt.....

  4. Oh that Phebe tickles my funny bone! I got a big kick out of the "cheese" one.

    Gin =)