Monday, November 25, 2013

first santa sighting, this year!


Phebe had her first Santa sighting, at the mall today. It went like this...

phebe: "Mama, can I go see Santa?"
me: "We don't have time today. We'll come back another day when Lilah's here... but you can wave and say hi as we walk by."
phebe: (busy waving) "Hiiiii Santa!"
*santa turns around, sees her and waves back*
phebe: (in a high pitch voice) "SANTA! I NEED you! I NEED to sit on your knee!"
*santa continues to smile and wave*
phebe: (in an awe filled voice): "Awwww. I so loooove Santa."

What is it about Santa?


  1. Sooo sweet! Can't wait to hear what happens when she actually gets to sit on his knee!

    Gin =)

  2. I have thousands of blog posts I'm behind on reading, but as I scrolled through them today and saw this title (and it being one of your blogs) it was one of the few I even opened tonight...

    I KNEW there was going to be a cute story attached! And it's ending my evening with a smile!

    Your blogs for the girls are going to be full of such fun, sweet, silly, sassy, etc. stories thanks to your faithful documentation and fabulous photos that you compile for them! What a treasure - for you and for them (and for their families later in life!)

    Do you do Blurb books or something like that with them? Or are you planning to? If not, you absolutely need to! You do such a great job of capturing them (or at least it seems that way just as someone who's praying for your family from afar!)

  3. Oh Jill, I feel her pain, must be difficult when you are 3 and catch sight of him!

    Are you coming home to UK this Christmas?

  4. Oh my gosh, this story is just the sweetest. The thought of that little cutie yelling out "I need you!" to Santa is beyond adorable. Such a cute picture too, and I just love that top. Oh - and I had to laugh about the little beard you added to the image on FB because the beard is so similar to crazy lollipops I picked up for my kids at the Bulk Barn! They are huge and ridiculous but I know the kids will love them when I break them out next week on St. Nicholas Day.

  5. So sweet that she is so excited! And that dress is adorable!

  6. So sweet that she is so excited! Can't say I blame her! And that dress is adorable!