Tuesday, July 10, 2012

letter seeking confirmation... has arrived!


Oh my favourite three letters in the whole wide world!
It arrived today, day 119! And we are over-the-moon excited! I mean, REALLY excited!

Finally, the count down is on!

We will be travelling to get our sweet little QiQi on either the 6th or 7th of September!
We'll have our baby girl home just in time to celebrate her 2nd birthday on October 1st.

SO incredibly blessed.


  1. SQUEEEEEAL!! Yay, that's wonderful news! September will be here before you know it

    Gin =)

  2. Yeah! That will be here before you know it!

    I can hardly wait to see her in your arms!

  3. So excited for you! Today has been a great day...now it is a fabulously great one! I can't wait to see pics of QiQi smiling widely and enjoying the love of her new family. You will be a blessing to her and she will be a blessing to you. Have fun preparing for your trip. I have a feeling this will be your best Labour day ever.. flying to China in anticipation of adopting your little precious daughter. The countdown begins! Have fun celebrating your good news tonight.

  4. Lorraine carson12 July, 2012

    Wonderful news Jill!

  5. YAY!!!!! So excited for you - she will be home so soon!!

    xo ellie

  6. So happy that you will be able to celebrate together as a family for her second birthday! Come on Travel Approval!

  7. Anonymous13 July, 2012

    SO HAPPY for you and your precious daughter!!!! We celebrate and rejoice with you...YAY!!!!! We will continue to lift you all up in prayer.

    Melanie xo

  8. SOOOOO very excited for your family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Soooo happy Jill!!! Joy joy joy!!!!!!

  10. I was just checking out the Children's Bridge monthly update and saw this news. Had to jump on your blog and say a great big CONGRATULATIONS!!!