Sunday, July 15, 2012

this past week

My head has been spinning this past week. Signing our letter seeking confirmation. Figuring out our travel dates, because we want to leave for China a few days earlier to help adjust Lilah to the time difference and jetlag! And just the euphoria of knowing we will have our little Phebe in our arms soon.

So incredible!

I just want to stop and take a moment, as I have done so many times this past week... and thank my Heavenly Father.

Thank you God.

For giving us another beautiful girl to love.
For allowing us to bring her home, just before her 2nd birthday.
For Your perfect timing in everything.

You have answered my prayers... and more.

I have absolutely fallen in love with this sweet little girl, my daughter. I feel immeasurably blessed to call her our daughter.

God is so good - always.

I love her


  1. Congratulations, so happy for you all! I bet your feet are hardly touching the ground. Lots to do and dream about until you arrive in China and sweep your sweet Phebe into your arms. Blessings!

  2. Yayy!!! Im so so pleased for you both! I cant wait to follow along and "meet" Phebe :)

  3. Your newest little blessing is breathtaking.

    Gin =)