Monday, July 23, 2012

the weather

Today, Monday, I did a little spot check on the weather Phebe is currently experiencing in Changde. I couldn't help but notice how similiar today's weather is to our own! We both had thunderstorms today! Ottawa is 31 degrees, Changde is 32 degrees! But the humidity, I think 55% feels rough, so I can't even imagine what 85% feels like. Yikes!

On another weather related note, Beijing got some crazy floods this past weekend. Thinking about all these families that have lost loved ones... and praying that our little Phebe will be kept safe over the next month until we are able to travel and hold her.

weather changde weather ottawa


  1. I can remember checking the weather in Kerry's area while she was still in China. Until they're in our arms it's just one of the few things we can do to make us feel closer to them somehow, right? In a few short weeks, though, you will have Phebe IN your arms!

    Gin =)

    1. You understand me perfectly, Gin!