Saturday, July 28, 2012

so grateful for this message

I received this message, this morning, from one of the Moms on the Yahoo group I joined for Phebe's SWI.
(I may have cried)
There are times when our daughter just feels like a dream and then this little piece of reality is thrown my way. So amazing.
I feel so grateful towards this Mom for messaging me and for her children, playing with my little girl.
(I might just be crying again)



We just returned home from a heritage tour in China. We were able to visit the ChangDe SWI & MET YOUR DAUGHTER! She is so cute. My daughters (ages 11 & 8) played with her. We weren't allowed to take any pictures of her. We heard all about how she is on her way to Canada! ;0) My daughters wanted to take her home to Florida with us. She is so cute & sweet!



supper at the farm


  1. That is so amazing! What a great connection... did they take any photos of her or video?

    1. They weren't allowed to take pictures, unfortunately. And no pictures came back from the cake and care package we sent a couple of weeks ago... although they may be taken with the disposable camera that was sent in the care package... Hopefully they'll give it to us the day we get our beautiful girly. :)

  2. Oh soon and very soon this will be your reality!!! So excited to follow your journey!

  3. Oh, Jill (I may be crying for you a little) what a blessing! Isn't it an amazing feeling when you get hit with the reality that this little girl really is a living, breathing, walking, talking, playing REAL little person?! As it is about 11:20 in China right now she's probably getting hungry for some lunch. Like Kelly said, soon she'll be your reality!

    Gin =)

  4. Which kind message
    Soon this soft girl will be in your arms

  5. Anonymous29 July, 2012

    Goose bumps! Reading your post gave me such happy goose bumps. What a wonderful message for you to receive.

  6. Hoping you will receive some photos on the disposable camera when you meet the SWI staff in September. Happy to know she is well and happy!