Wednesday, September 19, 2012

china trip : beijing zoo

beijing zoo

One of the things we really wanted to see this time, during our stay in Beijing, is the Beijing Zoo.

Lilah has a huge interest in Pandas, so we knew we needed to make this trip! However, the panda's were definitely not as excited to see us, as we were to see them. In fact, they were not in the least bit cooperative! We got to see most of them sleeping. And another lying on it's back, eating bamboo.

It was a lovely day to stroll around the zoo. The weather has been amazing here, we have not seen one wet day since we arrived - so we are happy! We had a lot of fun and our girls were great, as usual. I always bring along a big bag of snacks each time we go out - we have learned that this is the best way to keep them happy and energized! Both our girls love to snack. I have been stocking up on bananas, banana bread, fruit bars seaweed and crackers. The good thing is that they are able to eating their main meals aswell as all the snacking!

Baba thought that maybe we should leave Phebe at the zoo, suggesting that even the wild animals might be able to tame her down a bit! We laughed! She sure is a busy girl. We are definitely not used to this much busy! Lilah is quiet and timid in personality and I think we realize now how easy she made this parenting gig!

This evening we were treated to a Peking Duck dinner by the guide service that have helped us through the past few weeks. I mentioned our guide, Cissy, in a previous post, she is sweet and we have truly enjoyed our time with her. As well as Peking Duck, plus all the trimmings, which was absolutely amazing, Cissy bought a birthday cake and we got to celebrate with the family we have been spending this past week in Beijing with. It was Tim's birthday - there was a goat/sheep on the cake, so I would presume that might indicate the year he was born!

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peking duck peking duck Tim's Birthday

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  1. Phebe's smile is so vivacious. I find she looks like someone and I cannot figure out who! It is bothering me:)


  2. I love pandas too! And I am yet to see one in real life! You sound great and it makes me think you are enjoying every minute!


  3. eeek, i love that last picture of lilah about to be devoured! :) what sweeties you have, jill. hugs for all 4!

  4. Love these pictures, Jill! And, YAY for your little firecracker!! :) Every family needs one! She looks full of spunk and I love it! She and Lilah will be perfect friends. My oldest two boys are the same way, and they are best friends. One sweet and easy going, one full of spunk and life!

  5. I agree that everyone needs at least one child to give them a bit of a firecracker... otherwise you will think you are the perfect parent! She will keep your home full of life, that is for sure!

  6. Lilah sounds so much like Caleb and Phebe like Madeline...a firecracker for sure! And I know that's why the Lord gave us Caleb we would feel confident we could parent again! lol.

  7. I love that Phebe is an energetic lil one. She will keep things exciting:) And I love what Paige said too:) She will be blending in seamlessly and you will forget what life was ever like before her:)