Friday, September 14, 2012

china trip : old changsha markets

When I told Lilah that we were going to see some "real China" today, she looked confused and replied: "Oh, is this pretend China?" Ha! So I had to explain to her that not everyone lives in a hotel and eats in restaurants every day!

When our guide, Amy, told us about the markets here, close to the river bank, that would show us an 'older' side to Changsha, we jumped at the opportunity and were more than eager to check them out. But first we enjoyed our first relaxing morning in Changsha, there was nothing planned for the morning and it felt SO good! After breakfast, baths, a DQ visit, lunch and naps, our driver and guide (Amy) picked us up for the tour and experience of the old Changsha markets and river banks walk.

: First stop on our way, was to pick up Phebe's brand new Chinese passport! So exciting! We are flying back to Beijing tomorrow.
: Next stop was the old Changsha markets - incredible, everything about them. I just think their way of life is so neat. And we also got to visit a Christian Church - let's just say we have our work cut out for us as far as Phebe sitting up (quietly) is concerned!
: We finished the afternoon off with a beautiful stroll along the main river that runs through Changsha.

Phebe is really showing her personality now, each day she is opening up more and more. And I am blaming Baba for this one, because he was saying recently how he was hoping for a more tom-boy-rascal kinda girl. Ahem. Well, he definitely got what he wished for! We sure got the trademark "Hunan Spicy Girl". I used to laugh at that term, but I'm a believer now! She loves to joke around and can be quite the trickster! She is stubborn. She loves to copy, everything you do, she can do too! She basically copies Lilah's every single move. Although to be honest, she also makes it known that she is the leader! She has the sweetest smile and giggle ever. When she talks, her voice is soft and angelic and it melts me. She sings very softly. She loves her baths and doesn't mind water on her face, at all. If she cries and you dry her eyes and wipe her nose with a tissue, she immediately stops crying. When she pees in her diaper she stands with her legs apart and points at her bum, basically telling me to take it off! Actually, we were told (on our visit to the orphanage) that she was being potty trained.

This girl, our beautiful sweet daughter, has completely won our hearts. She has also won over her big sisters heart. We are well and truly in love.

day 4 together
bathtime is so much fun, but why is Mama blowing bubbles?

ohhh, yummy seaweed! ohhh, yummy seaweed!
another seaweed loving girl, in our house!

day 4 together
baba hunkered down to walk along beside her, at her height, just for fun...yep, she copied him!

day 4 together
she laughed and smiled with her sister, all day long.

changsha, china changsha, china
what? we have to sit quietly in church? you must be joking, lets get out of here!

my crazy mama, jumping around like a mad woman, just to see me smile!


old changsha markets

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  1. These photos of old Changsha are exactly what I love about China... The selling of food right on the sidewalk, the bicycles, the buildings... and that man's smile is awesome!

    Love the black and white photo of the three of them crouching down! Phebe is looking happier and more comfortable every day!

  2. Oh, how precious to see her in your arms and receiving her mother's love and adoration. What we moms won't do to make our children happy :) It's wonderful to see dreams come true . . .the pictures of the everyday life of China a wonderful. I can't wait to go back for a little someone too.

  3. Love this look so "over the moon" Jill!!

    I wonder if Phebe would like the Irish seaweed, dulse. Do you remember it from your childhood in NI?

    It is just fantastic to see your daughters together.

  4. Lovely post. I love the shots in the market. The video will keep me smiling all day. Precious girl, so lucky to have a forever family!

  5. Love the video...So cute!:)

  6. your shots of the market are amazing! You sounds so great and happy!


  7. I don't think anyone can be cuter eating seaweed. For real! And what an adorable little copycat. Her smile is so infectious! I just love those shots in the very real. And the video of you two is simply priceless. Be still my heart.

  8. OH,she has such a sweet little giggle!! That video just made my day. I'm convinced that acting completely nutty is how I won Kerry over so works! These market shots are so neat and that pic of Baba entertaining his girls is priceless. And you, my friend, are radiating happiness!

    Gin =)

  9. Oh I love EVERY single photo... especially of the girls together! But that VIDEO was my favorite part of this post! I love what mama will do to get her baby girl to giggle!! ...and what a sweet smile she has! ~ you BOTH were glowing!! ♥

    It brought me back to our own time in Ch*na the first night that Khloe finally warmed up to me and let me hold her... like you, I was bouncing around to make her giggle and playing peek-a-boo with Khloe in the mirror after bath-time.

    Precious, priceless moments!!! Enjoy every. single. one!


  10. Congratulations for the arrival of this so beautifull little girl in your family
    All 4 are very happy

  11. Great captures of the markets and your adorable daughters having fun and bonding! Thanks for sharing, Wen