Friday, January 11, 2013

her sweet little heart needs surgery

We've been together four months now. For real!

Four months of loving this little monkey has rewarded itself in ways that stagger me. She is such a sweet lovable girl. She is the first to come running to me and wrap her little arms around my legs for a hug. I doubt if there is a better feeling in the whole world, than that. And then there's the snuggling into my neck when I carry her up to the crib for her midday nap, along with the tiny little pursed lips, waiting for that kiss when I lay her in the crib... Of course, I always have to kiss Tigger first, but I'll take what I get!

She's a happy go lucky girl, she always has a bit of fun up her sleeve and she lives her happiness out loud. It's one of my absolute favourite things about her. She also has a mind of her own, selective hearing and can be all out stubborn - if she so pleases. But I wouldn't change a thing about her. Well, most days! Ha!

I absolutely love her in bunches.

Today we heard back from the head of Cardio, Dr Wong. Have I mentioned he is amazing? Honestly, he just has this way about him that calms me in the best ways possibe. Anyway, he called to tell me that the 6 Cardiologists in today's meeting, all agree that Phebe's heart has been under strain for long enough and they want to close the hole in the next 4-6 months.

I am so VERY thankful the Lord has given us time between bringing her home and before this surgery. Time to show Phebe she is loved, time for us to bond together, time for her to trust us, time for her to realize we are a family and none of us are going anywhere, time for her to understand us English speaking folks, time so she can communicate with us. Thank you Lord.

I know Phebe's strength, her happiness and her gregarious easy going personality is the perfect fit for a patient. And my sweet little sensitive Lilah will be on the sidelines doing all the worrying for her - Lilah sure fits the caring big sister role, perfectly!

Every now and then, reality hits, and my Mama emotions get the best of me. It's just the love I have for this child - I don't ever want her to hurt. But I am focusing on the positive - God gave her to us because, well, most of all, she's our daughter. And she and her Baba will be able to exchange heart surgery stories and compare their scars! Not to mention, we have the best healthcare possible, we have some of the best Cardiologists, we even live 5 minutes away from the Children's Hospital! And the best part, this surgery is going to give her the best quality of life.

God is so good.

my ♥


  1. Oh my goodness, both of your daughters are adorable. I love reading your blog. We just got our second girl home from China. Our daughter also had a VSD size 5mm. Hers was repaired in China. She was in the hospital for 88 days, which makes me so sad to think of her being all alone. I'm so glad Phebe will have her loving family by her side! Best of luck. Everything will be just fine!

  2. Oh Jill! We'll be thinking of your little monkey when the time comes.
    She's so incredibly cute! She has the most beautiful smile.
    Happy 4th month!

  3. Oh Jill, I feel for you. I know it's not something you ever want for your child but she has her family now, and it sounds like she's got great physicians looking after her, including the Great Physician. I have now doubt your Phebe will sail through this. Happy 4 months with your beautiful girl. I adore these sweet photos and I love hearing all about her little personality. She reminds me a bit of my own Spicy Girl. ((Hugs))


  4. That is really hard to hear, but she will do just fine! It is really difficult to see them go through these things and all the pain, but we know it is the best for them, and it is always good for some quiet days of just great cuddles.

  5. Jill, I found your blog from the comment you left on Diana's blog. My heart skipped a beat when I saw your sweet little Asian princess needed heart surgery. Having just walked through it I am not going to lie that is was hard, but in another breath strengthened us in ways we never imagined. It sounds like she needs a similar surgery to our little Ellie. We were amazed she had surgery on Tuesday and went home on Tylenol on Friday. God is good and will supply all you need! I will begin praying that he will begin you prepare you and your sweet family for what is to come!