Wednesday, January 16, 2013

mimicking her big sister...

Phebe regularly mimicks her big sister Lilah. Especially 'going to school'. She calls the baby carrier (she's wearing in this picture), her backpack!
And she regularly walks down the hallway, looking over her shoulder as she waves to us, shouting bye-bye with a big grin on her face!

I think I can safely say, the best part of her day is the moment I ask: Are you ready to go get Lilah from school?
She runs around like a crazy woman shouting, "Snowsuit-snowsuit-snowsuit, Lilah-Lilah-Lilah!"


She really does miss her sister - for that 2.5 hours - even though she naps during the most part of it.
This September her big sister will be starting Grade 1, and in school all day. Yikes!


  1. What a sweet relationship they have! Hopefully Lilah will want to come home and 'teach' her all she's learning to make the hours that she's not with Phebe a little easy for Phebe to bear...coming home and reading to her or something might make Phebe find it worth the parting!

    Can Phebe do a little art or music class or something with your church one day a week so she feels like she gets to go to 'school' too?

  2. Same thing here, William is asking for his Dad and his big Sis at least 25 times a day. When it's the moment to go pick up Sijia, he's so so excited! Hope they'll share the same bounding when they'll be teenagers ;)
    Week-end is almost there, have a great one!

  3. That sister relationship is so special. Silas is SO bored when his siblings are at school he doesn't even know what to do... I am trying to teach him to chose things to do, often he will just sit in chair and wait.

    I am sure you will keep Phebe busy next year!

  4. So sweet that she adores her big sister so much. A 2.5 hour nap each day! I was always lucky if I got a 1.5 hour nap from Kerry and now she's given them up altogether. I wish we had half day Kindergarten here, but next Fall she goes straight into full days =(.

  5. what a sweetie!

    I love all your gray walls. Mine colour is very similar in my house!