Friday, January 25, 2013


Our Phebster is all rascal.

She has that special twinkle in her eye and I quite honestly need to have eyes on the back of my head to keep up with this little monkey moo. Today, no less, she opened the central vac shoot and stuck a rather large piece of lego in there! Oh man. Might I add, she has the sweetest personality, so you know, she seems to get away with a lot of stuff, because that sweet little grin is a bit of a winner around here!

And to be fair, this is all probably regular toddler stuff, but our goody girl Lilah set the bar pretty high and never got into a lot of trouble. In fact, I'd say Lilah definitely gave us an easy time, she was a more sensitive child, when you told her no, she took it as "No, I will never ever in-my-whole-life do that again". When you tell Phebe no, she takes it as "Okay, let's try that again in a few minutes when (hopefully) Mama has forgotten" - Phebe seems to have a very short term memory as far as the word "No" goes!

When people ask us how Phebe's English is coming along, we say the only time Phebe doesn't understand us, is when she doesn't want to - it's called selective hearing, or in her case, selective (English) understanding! Like for instance, when we say "Tidy up time" she sings "clean up-clean up", which actually sounds like "plean up-plean up!" ...and she knows exactly what is expected, but that's about as far as it goes! Ha! She's a pretty typical 2 year old - I'm just thankful she's not too stubborn and seems willing enough to work with us. Right now, she's just helping me work on my patience and a whole new set of parenting skills, that I now need!

We sure do love our little monkey to pieces.

And Lilah, she is such a great big sister. I can't get over these girls and the love they have for each other. I caught a sweet moment yesterday, Lilah was putting Phebe's bib on, which she regularly does when I'm fixing lunch. After she buttoned it at the back she leaned into Phebe's neck and kissed her. Be still my heart - I might even have teared up. Truly. I have been blessed with two beautiful girls.

me and my specs!

photo 1: "Who? What? Me?! I did what!!?"
photo 2: "Bahahahahahahahahahaaaa!!"


  1. Phebe sounds like a wonderful little "handful". I remember some photos you posted of Phebe playing at home soon after you got her and it actually got a giggle out of the fact that she seemed "messier" than Lilah ever seemed to be, hehee. My spicy girl has been known to test the limits of my patience now and then, too. I always say that's why God makes them so darn it's harder to angry with them.

    Gin =)

  2. she looks like she is thriving! She is healthy and looking full of happy!


  3. I love her mischievous ways! I'm sure she livens your days up and keeps you busy until Lilah gets home from school :)