Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"hello, how'r you?"

What is it about phones? Little kids, big kids, adults, almost everyone is engrossed with the phone. I on the other hand, don't even own a cell phone and I'm pretty sure I could live without a house phone too, if it came to the bit. In fact, the answering machine seems to do most of the work, when it comes to answering the phone around here! I always say, if it's important they'll leave a message!

Funny that. And yet, our little Phebe, she's never off the phone - her pretend phone that is! She calls it her iphone and she orders 'nom-nom', she chats with her 'friends' and you'll hear her in a very distinct voice say: "Hello! How'r you?" and then she continues with a long list of 'I wants'... "I want puzzle, I want soccer ball, I want play, I want yoghurt, I want flowers, I want noodles...!" The chatter is never ending.

She is just so darn cute!

on the phone


  1. My little girls are obsessed with toy cell phones too. They have very long conversations with many people. And are already "texting". We are in trouble when they are teenagers!

  2. I'm with you on the "phone thing", and I only have a mobile because Mark insists!!

    But 9 times out of 10, it has a flat battery or is lying somewhere at the bottom of Gracie's toy box!!!!

    Ps Pink is Phoebe's colour :)

  3. She is all kinds of cute! Seriously, how you not smile all day long around that girl.

    Gin =)