Tuesday, June 11, 2013

her heart surgeons

Our little Phebe has always had plenty of energy, so I was wondering if/how we would notice a difference, post surgery.

Well, I am actually starting to notice some changes in Phebe already. She has more stamina now... for example, climbing the stairs used to be a bit of a labour for her, she would puff her way to the top at a relatively slow pace, however now she can climb them without nearly the puff it used to take her and at a much faster pace too. Also, on a hot day when we would get into the car, she used to sweat a lot, like it literally ran down the side of her face, however on Sunday past, after church, we got into the hot car and I noticed she just had tiny little beads of sweat, pretty much like the rest of us had before the A/C kicked in! And of course, the vibration that we used to feel when holding her, it's now gone, I imagine she's really appreciating her quieter little engine!

Yesterday we had a follow-up appointment with Phebe's cardiovascular surgeons, to make sure everything is progressing as expected. She had a chest x-ray and some bloodwork done. And indeed she is doing wonderful! In fact, she is back up to her pre-surgery weight, not that she lost much weight, thankfully... but still! And her incisions are healing at an incredible pace. The surgeons basically told us she can do whatever she wants now and not to be holding her back! Of course, there is still the 4 weeks left for her sternum to heal... and no lifting her underarm, but yeah, we can deal with that. So that's us done with the surgeons.

Our next visit will be in four weeks with her Cardiologist, Dr. Wong. He has been following us closely this past couple of weeks, while we were in hospital. He would pop in for 'social visits', as he called them and he was also in the operating theatre, when Phebe was having her surgery.

I am so in awe of this team. Really, I'm so grateful for each of them. And the compassion these surgeons have shown our family, it's just so obvious how much they love their jobs and the children. Yesterday, Dr Maharajh - the Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery, who performed the intricate part of Phebe's heart surgery, kissed the top of her little head. Melt my heart. ♥

We're so thankful for Dr. Maharajh and Dr. Shanmugam and their incredible God given skills. These two amazing men fixed our little Phebe's heart.
Don't they have such a quiet strength about them? They are so warm and caring. Such kind men.

Phebe - Heart Surgery Phebe - Heart Surgery


  1. Yes, how amazing these doctors are! I dont think for one minute they see their jobs as "work" but as a "vocation" :)

  2. It makes their experience so much better to have such great doctors, who are both skilled and compassionate!

  3. I love how comfortable Phebe looks in the arms of her doctors. So sweet!