Saturday, June 22, 2013

some pictures from the past week


I go through phases of being in a funk with my big camera. I prefer not to carry it around so much.
Sometimes it's the little moments that I want to remember!

These pictures were taken with my purse camera.


  1. Jill I agree, a little camera in your handbag is really handy. When we are out and about, I always feel embarrassed to use my big Nikon D60.....its not really the thing you do here in the UK at Mums n Tots, play park etc!!!
    But we are off to Aviemore for our Summer Break and you betcha, I will have my big camera with me!!
    Having said that, these photos are great :)

  2. I love them.

    Hope your enjoying summer!

  3. Oh yes, totally worth it!! She really is a "girl on the go" isn't she?! I remember the stroller naps with sweet. Especially when they sleep long enough for Mommy to actually be able to have a quiet lunch while it's actually still hot, hehe.

    Gin =)