Thursday, June 27, 2013

the naps have ended!

Up until recently, when Lilah went to Kindergarten, 1-3:30pm, Phebe used to sleep during that time, about 2 hours. She would conk out within seconds. She loved her nap. And I kinda loved it too - read: washing, blogging, cleaning, tidying, ironing! I got a lot of stuff done when she was asleep! But since surgery, I noticed, (she still loves her naps) but she would take so much longer falling asleep at night... she would lie and play with her Tigger for an hour or more before falling asleep.

So, I decided maybe we should stop the naps. Most days. Some days she just needs a little mid-day sleep. But for the most part, she is not snoozing during the day. Although it's taken a bit of time to figure it all out, we seem to have a handle on it now. And it's especially great now, with school being out for summer ~ Lilah's last day is tomorrow!

We have much to do and see this summer, Phebe's first summer in Canada. In fact, we've been doing plenty already, here's some of the ways I've been keeping her entertained over the past week or so, during the 2.5 hours Lilah's at school.

sunshine & bubbles

blowing bubbles (with tanned-flip-flop-lines feet!)


artist at work! artist at work! artist at work! artist at work! artist at work! artist at work!

painting - one of her favourite things to do


cutting out!

cutting - another thing she could literally spend hours doing



puzzles - she loves her puzzles


imaginary play

imaginary play - the restaurant - notice Tigger's booster seat (the sink!)


singing in the rain!

the science and technology museum - we have yearly passes here - the girls both love it


And sooooooooooo much more.
What can I say, we have much fun together!


  1. Looks like fun days!

    Would love to see a shot of your playroom/area to see how you manage to keep it organized... I need some ideas! ;)

  2. I does make it easier, especially in the summer, when naps don't get in the way! You can just go and they crash at night! Such great photos!

  3. Gracie is 10 months older than Phoebe.....she would have been the same age as Phoebe when she stopped napping.
    At first it seemed strange and I missed that time to catch up too. Now she sleeps from 7am to 7pm, always!!!!!

  4. Love these photos of your full-of-fun girl. I love that smile! Kerry was never a great napper but I did enjoy the days when she would take a nice nap.