Thursday, September 5, 2013

one-on-one time

Well, now that big sister is at school, Phebe and I get to hang out together.

To be honest, I was worried about how she would react to Lilah being gone all day, but she seems to really be enjoying having me all to herself. And I'm loving it too. It's nice for her to be able to dominate the play and the conversation, because even though Phebe is pretty independent and strong minded, she does copy and follow along in almost everything Lilah does. She looks up to her big sista!

I have been keeping my little girly busy this week, we've been shopping and doing all those little jobs that I didn't get accomplished during the summer. But we've also been enjoying our time together, hanging at the park, triking around the neighbourhood, playing games... I've even pulled my bike (with child seat) out a few times and we've went and fed the ducks together. I had a good laugh at her funny little sense of humor the day we fed the ducks. After feeding them, she turned to me and in a disgusted tone stated: "Ducks didn't say thank you!" A while later, while we were biking along the path, we saw several squirrels all scampering around with their acorns. Phebe was shouting "Hi Squirrel" to each of them from the bike, after a while she exclaimed again: "Mama, squirrels didn't say Hi!"

My silly sweet girl, she is nothing short of adorable! I love her so.

summers end summers end summers end summers end


  1. I love how happy this sweet girl is! Always smiling... at least that we see! Enjoy these moments, soon she will be in school too.

  2. Funny girl! I'm glad she's adjusting to the new routine and she must be so much fun to spend6. one-on-one time with. Bet she just keeps you smiling all day long!

    Gin =)