Thursday, September 19, 2013

she's a chatter box!

the phebster!

(talking about her Tigger stuffy one morning)
phebe: "He wake up."
lilah: "No, he didn't!"
phebe: "He woke up?"

I found Lilah's previously worn (Dora the Explorer) bike helmet and excitedly told Phebe that it was hers now. She was absolutely thrilled! Most likely because it has Dora on it! I put it on her, she looked at herself in the mirror and excitedly shouted: "I need a motorbike!"

lilah: "Do you need help Phebe?"
phebe: "No. Don't need help. I do it myself."
*two seconds later*
phebe: "Lilah, I need help."
lilah: "I knew that was going to happen!"

"Mama, I had fun. Mama, I like it holiday."

She thinks Thursday and thirsty mean the same thing. I mentioned it being Thursday one day, Phebe ran and grabbed her water bottle, took a drink and said: "I'm thirsty too!"

me: "We're going to see baby Jack today."
phebe: "Not jacket Mama"
me: "Nope not jacket, his name is Jack."
phebe: "Oh."

"I told you mama, I told you. I'm serious!"

me: "Phebe can you put this away please."
phebe: "In a wee minute!"

She thinks anything more than 1 is 2. Like if there are 5 birds or 15 birds, she shouts out, "Look Mama. There's TWO!" As a side note, she can count to 13, although she skips the number 5.

Waiting for Lilah to be done her piano lessons one day.
phebe: "Mama I'm next. I want piano lessons."
mama: "Well, you're a little bit small Phebe."
phebe: "I'm not small. I'm big girl. I like lessons!"

phebe: "Can I go upstairs too?"
me: "Nope, Lilah needs a wee break."
phebe: "Mamaaaa! Don't be silly! Lilah not breakable!"

During play one day: "Lilah, I have great idea!"

the phebster! the phebster!


  1. "in a wee minute", love the "Irishness"!!

  2. I love reading these "Phebeisms" ~ just like you've done for Lilah.
    How can she still be only two - she so smart!! (I know she is soon to be three!)

  3. Good gracious, she is killing with the pigtails, and that grin...serious cuteness overload! How do you stand it?! And how fun that you've got TWO chatterboxes! I just loved hearing the adorable things she's said...what a funny little sweetheart.

    Gin =)