Thursday, December 27, 2012

her first (canadian) fever

Boxing Day 2012 Boxing Day 2012

For Phebe, Boxing Day morning started out with a common cold, which included a runny nose and plenty of sneezes. She and her sister had a few horsey rides (on Baba's legs!)and entertained themselves with a little fishing game and a few other toys!

Then, the "common cold" spiked into a nasty 40.5°C fever. I've never had to care for a child with fever before, so I was quite worried to say the least. Let's just say, this was my scariest moment of parenting yet! I consulted with Dr Google - I know, not the best idea, but it was Boxing Day! I tell you it took quite a while to get that fever lowered. With medication and cool cloths, we could only get it down to 39°C. And this morning it was pretty similiar, she wasn't too hungry either and what she did eat, her little belly rejected. But by late afternoon, today, she seemed to take a little turn for the better - she picked up a little energy, found and donned her sunglasses and made being a sickie, look rather cool!

According to Phebe's referral paperwork, a fever is something she deals with on a fairly regular basis. Phew. I have my fingers and toes crossed that it'll be quite a while before she gets another.

Boxing Day 2012 Boxing Day 2012 Boxing Day 2012 Untitled Untitled Untitled

Oh, and we had another snow storm today. All the more reason to have a cozy pajama day!



  1. Poor Phebe! I can relate to being sick on Christmas! But what a great time to snuggle in and stay cozy at home. I hope she doesn't get a fever like that again for a long time... it is scary!

  2. Oh my, poor thing. I love rosy cheeks on babies but not from fever. So glad to hear she's feeling better.

    Gin =)