Monday, December 31, 2012

she's recovering

My Mini Moo has been sick since Boxing Day.
She's been down and up and back down again and now I think (and hope and pray) she's on her way back up again.

She gained a bit of energy today and it was SO nice to see her smile again. She's still pale and weak, and she's on antibiotics. Can you believe we've only left the house once since Christmas Day? And that was to visit the doctor. Just as well there are plenty of toys around here to play with!

And to be fair, it's actually been nice to just hang out at home over the holidays with no schedules or routines. It sure feels good!



  1. Poor sweet girl... makes for some quiet holidays, but like you said that is okay! Lots of cuddle time!

  2. Poor little thing. Hope she's feeling much better soon. Mine is still pale and puny, too =(.

  3. We're all holding you close, sweet Phebe.

    Grammy Carol in Ottawa

  4. Hope she is feeling better now. Love the matching bandaids on Phoebe and Tigger. How wonderful that she loves her "stuffies."

  5. Oops, sorry... I know she is named Phebe and not Phoebe.