Saturday, December 1, 2012

my wee poppet

More recently, every time I look at Phebe, the term 'poppet' comes to my mind over and over again. I took some pictures of my girls at the park today and when I was scrolling through them, I stopped at this one and immediately said: 'Oh look at my wee poppet, she is so sweet!"

I wasn't really sure why that term kept coming to my mind, so I decided I should Google it - just to be on the safe side! Well, obviously it's something I've heard during my childhood, because it's a British term and it actually means: A darling... like calling someone honey or sweetie.

Oh that term just suits her so perfectly! Phebe, my little poppet!

a chilly day at the park!


  1. I like it.....that nickname might just stick!

  2. And somehow it totally suits her!

  3. Sweet Phebe poppet!! Love her hat... she wears hats so well. Has her grandmother been knitting all these hats for her? Will you be going to Ireland for Christmas this year?

  4. Oh boy does it ever suit her!

  5. Oh she is so darling. I can see why that cute little term "poppet" comes to mind. It seems like she wears a perma-grin. These pictures are ever-so-adorable, Jill!

    By the way, I am finally catching up on my blogging. Sorry about my online absence! Don't be surprised to see a bunch of comments flowing in from me!