Monday, December 10, 2012

her first santa visit!

This morning, amid a messy spell of freezing rain, we headed out to meet Santa Claus at the local mall.

Phebe didn't seem too worried about ths "sampa" visit, and was even shouting and waving at him - "Hi Sampa!" before it was our turn to see him! I think she was happy to finally meet this chap that her big sister has been raving about! Of course, for Phebe, anything her big sister does is the final word. She follows along with glee.

She even had a chat with santa, although, to be fair, santa may not have understood a lot of it!

And the best part for me, I got to take my own pictures!

Santa Visit - 2012
Santa Visit - 2012 Santa Visit - 2012 Santa Visit - 2012 Santa Visit - 2012 Santa Visit - 2012


  1. It's so cute how she is sitting there with her legs crossed in that one photo! She is not worried at all!

  2. Awwww, these are precious! That is great that she wasn't afraid of Santa but I guess it helps to have a big sis there too!

    Great images! I don't know of any Santas in our area that let you take your own pictures. And those mall ones are so expensive and not so great! I'll have to do more research on doing our own! (

    1. Hi Monica, I still paid the $10 they charge for the visit and photo they take, but they still let me take my own, as long as I was paying for theirs! :) Maybe you just need to be brazen (like me!) and ask! ;)

  3. She is just game for anything isn't she?! And you got some precious photos, too..better than the Mall photographer could have gotten for sure!

    Gin =)