Friday, December 7, 2012

'sampa', aka, santa!

We were at the mall today and the queue to see Santa was long, plus Lilah wasn't with us, so I had no intentions of taking Phebe to see Santa! However, as we were walking by, I stopped with Phebe, pointed in Santa's direction and said "Look Phebe, there's Santa!" Phebe, my dearest child, is not at all diplomatic... and so, she yelled: "Hiiiii SAMPA!"

Even though we weren't terribly close, Santa still heard her. He turned and gave her a wave! I'm pretty sure she was delighted that he waved to her, because she sang "Hi Sampa!" around the mall for the next 2 hours!

I love that girl of mine. And I adore her personality.

She also got her first candy cane today. The mall Customer Service gave it to her and she was so happy that her smile made her eyes disappear. Oh, and that's another thing I absolutely love about her!

first candy cane the smile that makes her eyes diappear!


  1. OHHH, that Phebe makes me smile huge! Just love her little personality..reminds me a bit of someone I know. And I love her "smiling eyes" too!

    Gin =)

  2. That is too cute! All these new things that they have to figure out! I bet she will love everything about Christmas.