Thursday, October 25, 2012

a glorious autumn day!

I can hardly stop photographing everything and anything about the Fall!

The colours are breathtaking and every single time I step out the door, I kinda wish I'd brought along my camera!

I took these pictures last week. I'd been planning on getting some family photos during this beautiful season, however, I'm not too sure if that is going to happen this year. So, when I spotted this gorgeous yellow tree one day last week, I figured it would be a nice backdrop to a few pictures of my girls, together, having fun. It was a last minute decision, but sometimes they are the best decisions!

glorious fall glorious fall glorious fall glorious fall


  1. Beautiful, beautiful shots of your sweet girls. They look so happy! I love their matching outfits.

    Gin =)

  2. Lovely! Especially love the first and last photos - great colors and beautiful daughters! Did you use anything to post process? Thanks, Cin

  3. I love the color and light in these shots! Winter has hit our area already and Fall is now over... I wish it could last longer!

  4. I love autumn photos too! Your girls are so cute and that last shot is absolutely perfect of them together.

    Erika B