Thursday, October 11, 2012

her birthday present

autumn leaves

This past week we've been taking Phebe out for spins on her birthday present - a Radio Flyer tricycle - that I don't have to bend over, plus I can also steer it with the handle. Oh yeah! I love it! And so does Phebe!

She now understands my requests for: "Hold on tight!" and "Put your feet up!" Most of the time she works with me, but then there's the other times that she drags the toes of her shoes on the footpath and turns around and just grins at me, as if to say... "Yeah yeah yeah, whatever Mama!"

The girl is all rascal! Honestly, every single time I say the word 'come', she runs the other way, usually to a corner somewhere, giggling her head off. She thinks it's a game! I'm usually wrestling her to put on her shoes, coat, hat... anything really! She's so wiggly and giggly. It's definitely a whole new parenting experience for me! Today we dropped by a local clothing store, I took my eyes off her for half a second (because the lady that owns the store said something to me) and when I turned around, there she was, she'd climbed up the 2 steps and was standing in the middle of the window display! She is comical in everything she does. I'm never entirely sure if I should be laughing or telling her 'no'!

The weather is chilly but beautiful here. I love the Fall weather and since my girly likes to be outdoors, well, we try to be out there as much as possible. She loves getting knee deep in leaves and running through them! Winter is getting close... I'm trying to prepare myself for it. Today we walked up to the library and I signed us up for Thursday morning 'Toddlertime', because we're definitely going to need some indoor activities when the weather turns colder!

It's so nice to be getting into a routine now. My hubby returns to work on Monday, it's been wonderful having him with us throughout the past 6 weeks. He's hoping to work short weeks, right up to Christmas and we couldn't be happier!

autumn leaves autumn leaves autumn leaves autumn leaves autumn leaves autumn leaves autumn leaves


  1. love love love these pics and your spicy girlie :) it sounds like she's cut from the same cloth as our sam - what a fun and busy-making kiddo ;).

  2. Gotta love anything Radio Flyer! And I love her coat too... sounds like she is keeping you busy!

  3. It looks like Fall's come a bit earlier up your way..still waiting for some lovely color here! Your Phebe sounds so very much like my Jillian...and also VERY different from my Lia. They will keep us on our toes for sure!! What a fun birthday present...I love the photos as always. So glad you are all settling in!

  4. What a lovable little Imp! Sounds like you have a "spicy" girl on your hands, too! You seem to be well equipped with patience and a sense of humor so you will do fine...just don't forget to take your vitamins ;). Love these pictures of your newest little busy beauty.

    Gin =)

  5. Gracie has that bike.....and loves it!

    I love your pics.....all those autumn leaves make them "something else"...... :) Phebe looks very settled too.

    And "ssssssshh" on Christmas, I panic everytime I look at our calander!!

  6. Oh my, Phebe is one sweet little girlie! Her smile just jumps off the screen at me. I can just imagine the fun you are having with her.

    Your photos are beautiful as always. And your focus on Phebe is so very sharp. I'll have to chat you up sometime about what method you use for focusing. I just finally switched from focus recompose to back-button focus with just the center point selected. Your focus is just bang-on perfect and I'm dying to know how you are achieving that!

  7. It looks like sweet Phebe had a wonderful birthday. Love the new bike!