Friday, October 5, 2012

music to my ears

Phebe is really getting into our routine now.

Every morning we get dressed, have breakfast and then we walk Lilah to school. When we were bouncing our bums down the stairs this morning, to get our shoes on... Phebe was singing her heart out. I love to hear her sing, because I know how happy and comfortable she is when she's singing. After we drop Lilah off at school, Phebe and I usually head out somewhere: shopping, appointments, etc... you name it, we get out and do it. This girl loves to get out and about.

Today, instead of getting out and about right away, we came into the house for a while and Miss Phebe wasn't long at bringing over my shoes and dropping them at my feet! My girl doesn't always needs words for what she wants! Funny girl!

Phebe and I also started a 'Mommy and Me' playgroup in our area this week. I can tell she has a longing to play with the other kiddies, it's obvious when we drop Lilah off at school, she never wants to leave! So we joined a Tuesday playgroup and she really enjoyed her first day there, this past Tuesday. The sand table was a big hit for her and the singing, oh wow... she really enjoyed doing all the actions, clapping her hands and her knees, twirling her arms around. She is such a sweetie - she has such a outgoing little personality.

I have a feeling that music is something she is going to excel in.

One of my favourite things right now is how she kisses and hugs us, and blows kisses too. We are putty in her hands, and she knows it!

Don't think I mentioned this before, but at the start she wouldn't let us put a hat on her. And now, she won't let us take the hat off her, without a bit of squalking! She has even been known to nap with her hat on!

love her! love her! love her! love her!


  1. You might just have your own little band soon. She looks adorable in her pink hat.

  2. So happy to see her safe at home with her forever family! She is so adorable!

  3. What a cutie! Always has such a bright smile that lights up my screen! :)